Online Safety

Our young children will never know a world without technology so it is important that we help them navigate it safely from the beginning.  Children might play games or use apps on parents' phones, use computers or games consoles with internet access, or know how to communicate with voice controlled household items.  Technology can certainly enrich our daily lives, but alongside the many benefits come risks of which we need to be aware.

Our children might be at risk from:

  • CONTENT - what they might see, even unintentionally

    It is easy to click the wrong thing or to trigger a search without realising. This might mean seeing inappropriate images or videos. It might mean accidentally sharing personal information or purchasing something.


  • CONTACT - who they might communicate with

    Many games, even those designed for pre-schoolers, have chat functions. Children might see or hear unkind words and bullying behaviour, through to even more inappropriate communication.

  • CONDUCT - how they might behave

    Young children are naturally curious and do not have the same boundaries adults have.  Children are at risk of forming unhealthy attachments to screens and may struggle to regulate their behaviour.  They might form inappropriate friendships or share photographs of themselves or others, or personal information held on the device.

Tips for Parents

  • Use the Internet together with your child.

  • Look out for safety features available on the sites your child is interested in

  • Decide on boundaries: time? sites? where?

  • Check your privacy and security settings are in place. Your Internet Provider will have filters you can apply to help block inappropriate sites.  However, these are not a guarantee.

  • Explain to your child that rules for behaviour offline apply to behaviour online too.

  • Check the age rating on any games your child wants to play

Helpful Links

  • Click the poster below to read 8 tips on Keeping Under 5s Safe Online

  • Internet Matters

  • has produced a collection of Digiduck stories to help children aged 3-7 understand internet safety.

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